Nick (makoknight) wrote,

Anarchy Reigns

Okay, so this is less a review, more an earnest plea to get this game. While the single player is fun, it's a sweet short beat 'em up that is a little less violent than it's predecessor MadWorld, and a lot of fun. And one of the two mains has two chainsaws on his arm, and the other is a cyborg using Muay Thai. And it's cheap, so it's worth getting.

However, what's really worth it is the multiplayer modes, or would be if I could get players together. (It's still fun with bots, but not as fun.)

Most fun is Deathball. Deathball is some kind of soccer/gridiron/murder hybrid, 4 a side, where the goal is for one of your team to get the ball, hold it for long enough for the other goal to open up, then score, while the rest keep the other team from murdering the person with the ball. It's a little like mario soccer, but a lot faster paced and with Bayonetta firing a football through a twelve foot tall cybernetic bull while a space marine shoulder checks a transformer and a chinese assassin backstabs a robot ninja. Basically it is fantastic.

This is a plea for everyone who has a PS3 and PSN access to get this game so we can get a deathball league going. Maybe a full 16 player deathmatch up and running.

I haven't poked at all 15+ game modes yet, admittedly, but it's still pretty great so far. It's just that I played Deathball until my controller ran out of batteries.
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