Nick (makoknight) wrote,

Operation Backlog 5: Azure Dreams

Well, I got a bit distracted from this for a while, but a whim caused me to dig this one out again. This is one of those games from way back when that I also never beat. Going back again, I can see why: It was pretty damn hard at the time.

The game is pretty plot light. You live in a tiny desert village known for it's treasure and monster filled tower. Your dad died n that tower keeping your family afloat, now many years later you are going in to find out what happened blah de blah. Yeah, it is formulaic as hell. The sad thing is, I remember this game being a lot more interesting as a kid.

But yeah, it's part roguelike dungeon crawler, part pokemon, part dating sim, part village builder. The problem is, most of these have been sort of dashed on and none of them are strong enough to stand on their own. The characters can be interesting, but with only a few exceptions it boils down to 'don't be a dick, grind in tower, stuff happens'. It's not until you're about three quarters in that the bad guy announces himself in an absolutely ham foster way.

Honestly, going back to it, Azure Dreams was a cute curiosity, but god damn had I not been playing it on the PSP I absolutely would not have had the time or focus, and probably would have cracked the shits with it. So, honestly, on my recommendations chart, I'm gonna have to give this a no, unless you're REALLY curious.

Tags: operation backlog, via ljapp
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