Nick (makoknight) wrote,

Operation Backlog 6 and 7: Blazing Dragons and Bomberman World

Oh hey, a double entry? Don't worry, this'll be quick.

Blazing Dragons is a kind of fun, quirky, point and click adventure from Crystal Dynamics, based on characters created by Terry Jones. Really, though, it is a point and click adventure in every way, with fun writing and good voice acting, optimized for a console. As a result it's like three hours long, and the puzzles are overall pretty easy, apart from some pixel hunting. I enjoyed it, but it's no seminal piece. Fun to play, but not worth hunting down.

Bomberman World: the first game in Operation Backlog to induce a ragequit. Sure, I remember the multiplayer being fun, but that's not what this is about. This is about the fact that about halfway in the game becomes bullshit, with bosses that ignore the rules and take up a quarter of the map, and move at a similar speed. If I had a flippable table, it would be flipped. Fuck you, bomberman world. Fuck you.

Tags: operation backlog, via ljapp
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